November 13, 2008


Seriously, I love them more then any band in the world, and I had the privilege to see them live at Terminal 5 Last week. My god, they were so wonderful. I also really, really enjoyed Loch Lomond. They opened for The Decemberists, and they were really fantastic and quite interesting (different, in a really nice way!)
The concert was definitely the best i've ever seen.
I cannot wait for their new album "Hazards of Love" to be released. April 2009!
Check out better more awesome pictures at:

This was the set list.
-Shanty For The Arethusa (awesome)
-July, July (Colin was adorable and mixed up the lyrics right in the beginning.. but who cares, hes Colin Meloy)
-Dreams [Fleetwood Mac] intro>Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
-Valerie Plame (such an awesome song. I was one of the few that heard it, and was singing along...)
-The Bachelor and The Bride (God, they like, knew all my favorite songs and played them.)
-The Engine Driver ( so good, song makes me sad face)
-We Both Go Down Together (w/Amanda from Loch Lomond on viola (?)) (HAHA FUCK YEAH IT WAS A VIOLA)
-Record Year For Rain (w/Amanda from Loch Lomond on viola (?))
-Oceanside (Ryan had never heard this song, which made me feel quite awesome....)
-The Perfect Crime #2 ( I never really liked this song... until they played it live... IT BLEW US AWAY)
-Days of Elaine
-O Valencia!>Dracula's Daughter interlude
-Culling of the Fold (AWESOME, Colin called someone on an audience member's cellphone. So intense)
-16 Military Wives
-The Mariner's Revenge Song (Oh MAN, the most intense and fun way to end a set.)

-Raincoat Song
-Eli, The Barrow Boy (wth is that grind organ thing? I love it.)
-Sons And Daughters

October 29, 2008

The Fashion Institute

God, sorry guys! I've been dead for the longest time!

Here are some of the things I've been doing at FIT.
I don't have many pictures and scans, well because, that takes more effort.
I will get around to that eventually!

HOLY COW FLASH PAINTING. FIT is awesome. this guy came out of nowhere and asked me to paint with him. this is a little portion of my corner. XD Acrylic fun times.

I wonder where that painting went... XD

Mmm, in class model. four hour classes with Jane Bixby weller are always exciting. The crazy old woman loves my stuff. ( I say crazy with so much love and respect!)

thank god for picture plane.

Close up of the portrait!

Ahhh, the good stuff, to show you guys I do more then just pencils and painting.

That Mask if for my friend's halloween costume, he is going to be Leslie Vernon for Halloween.
Like I said before in a previous post, check out this move, its fantastic.

I made the mask out of plaster bandages. molded it to the wearer and then once dry, sanded the sucker down so it was smooth and fit semi- loosely on the wearer for comfortable wearing. I painted the thing in acrylics, and I am SOO in love with it. <3

Life has been alright, but cash is tight.
I need commissions and I need them asap.

Thats all for now, I promise to update frequently.

(P.s: I tried LiveJournal, and it gave me a headache....)

June 22, 2008

Behind the Mask

So. It's my friend Alex's birthday.
We discovered the movie Behind the Mask the Rise of Leslie Vernon.
And its one of the best movies I ever saw. We love it.
So I decided to make her a Leslie card.
I think hes wonderful!
Totally check this movie out, you'll love it if you love horror/witty/comedic movies.
its epic and totally not conventional!
Cult classics ftw!!!

I drew the card on a bit of card stock with the wonderful prisma inky pens I got for my birthday a week ago!
It's such a dark and creepy birthday card... XD

June 21, 2008

Art Dump 2

I took a quick break to return the mad overdue library books that I had...

So yeah, i'm dumping basically everything I have now, just as a reference for commission work. I'll eventually just post new things in one blog at a time. Like a new project im working on and so on... but for now, i'm purging my hard drive and putting it all up here... XD


Self Portrait! I was really bored one day, and just decided to draw my face. So i sat infront of a mirror... took maybe a half an hour...
XD for some reason, my teacher is in love with it. It has been featured in a lot of art shows...

Charactures of Locke and Hurely from LOST I love it...
They're done in water color... I'd love to do more of these :D!

This guy was a commission for a tattoo design! I love him! I named him Sir Alexander!
The character was born from a friend of a friends dream, and they wanted him tattoo'd onto them! I don't know if they ever got it done... but the loved the design!

My header. This was the first Piece for school I did this year. I love it. It was drawn from a memory I had from last summer. Two of my friends and I, roasting waffles over a campfire.
You only wish you were that awesome. :D
Colored pencils!

This was a birthday card for my dad. He loves LOST soooo... yeah, card!


School Work Dump.

These are some of the Projects I've done for school...
^^ just for reference!

This is kinda what I visualized when I listened to the song "light my fire" by The Doors. I used Watercolor, marker, ink, and some gouache for this piece. Its pretty small, like, maybe 8 1/2 by 11

A scene from a cafe in Greenwich village! These are two friends of mine. I loved the moment, so I decided to illustrate it. I love their expressions.
This was done in colored pencil, this again is a rather small piece.

This was a assignment given to me. We had to look at Robert Rauschenberg's work and create a self portait reflecting his multimedia style. This is what I created. To this day, i'm still very proud of the piece! This is a large work... I'd say 13inches by something.... XD I created this with Acrylic gloss medium and lots of elbow grease... or finger grease...? XD

This was a project to draw the contour of a messy space. Can you find Lion-o?
XD Sharpies!

A forever unfinished portrait of a good friend of mine. I left it unfinished, because I didn't think it needed to be finished! :D Colored pencils!