June 21, 2008

School Work Dump.

These are some of the Projects I've done for school...
^^ just for reference!

This is kinda what I visualized when I listened to the song "light my fire" by The Doors. I used Watercolor, marker, ink, and some gouache for this piece. Its pretty small, like, maybe 8 1/2 by 11

A scene from a cafe in Greenwich village! These are two friends of mine. I loved the moment, so I decided to illustrate it. I love their expressions.
This was done in colored pencil, this again is a rather small piece.

This was a assignment given to me. We had to look at Robert Rauschenberg's work and create a self portait reflecting his multimedia style. This is what I created. To this day, i'm still very proud of the piece! This is a large work... I'd say 13inches by something.... XD I created this with Acrylic gloss medium and lots of elbow grease... or finger grease...? XD

This was a project to draw the contour of a messy space. Can you find Lion-o?
XD Sharpies!

A forever unfinished portrait of a good friend of mine. I left it unfinished, because I didn't think it needed to be finished! :D Colored pencils!

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