September 28, 2010

Bear. Done.

Okay hes FINALLY done. :)

NO more spamming!

September 20, 2010


I'm going to attempt to be the Phantom for halloween!

Well... the ALW... version. Which is cool.

It's "hopefully" going to be awesome.

I really want to go full out and make it the most authentic costume I possibly can. This is why I covered my face in alginate, and why there is plaster of paris all over my shoe... it's because I'm dedicated...
I'm making the Phantom prosthetics from scratch, to fit my face, just so its absolutely PERFECT.
I really just need to prove to myself I'm capable of doing this and doing this well.
I want to maybe... one day...mayyybbbeee.... do this for a living.

**There will be a better photo of the sculpture soon. Mac books aren't the greatest when it comes to pictures.**
I will probably end up going more severe and theatrical with the sculpture now that I plan to be doing it in FOAM LATEX or whatever... Keep your eyes peeled for the BETTER version.

September 18, 2010

Cast in Plaster

Today I tried to make a life cast of my face.

It came out only okay... but it will serve its purpose as a prosthetic-building base.

Here are some pictures of the process!

The final, all dried and ready to be sculpted on!

I'm not gunna tell you what I'm going to be! You'll see soon enough in my next post! :)

September 15, 2010


An old sketch from summer. :)

September 8, 2010

Hide Your Kids

The little photoshop painting of the AMNH's "Nootka Spirit Bear" Exhibit.
We had to use only 10 colors and paint a portrait of something on photoshop. It will later be converted into illustrator and be made all clean and snazzy. :)

It took a little under three hours to complete this rough... I will most likely fiddle around with this before the final "conversion"

Check this guy out if you visit the Museum. He's super cool and the ritual he was part of is REALLY amusing!

September 7, 2010

A Post for Posts Sake...

The face of a new, bright, and shining semester. :|

No. This is really just the face of web design class.

This is the first semester of the BFA for me and my peers, and boy am I ready!
I really love all the OTHER classes so far, I swear. I have wonderful professors and all of the classes are going to be fun and challenging.
The work load hasn't quite hit me yet, but we're getting there... I can feel it coming.
I really plan on kicking butt in every aspect of my life this year. Art, body, mind aaaannd cooking skills!

I'm ready to art LIKE CRAZY. Heres to a new semester!

Keep on truckin', hotdog.
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