April 29, 2012

It Was A White Crane...

It was a helpless thing...
Upon a red stain, with an arrow in it's wing...
and it called and cried, and it called and cried so... Here's a concept painting for the Crane Wife, I'm not entirely content with this. I may revisit, but for now, and the sake of the project, here it is. The colors are off, I'll scan it all nice proper soon.

April 19, 2012

And The Grackle Came...

Alex Krokus
, who makes awesome animations and illustrations, also has this awesome band called Wood Spider, and this band has a song aptly named, "Our Monster Song", Which features the notorious and positively awful monster, The Grackle.

I thought way back when in 2009, that It'd be super fun to conceptualize this beastie, however I really didn't get around to it till recently.

I'm thinking about building a small portion of a concept art based portfolio around this story and character. I'm really, very excited about this!

Lets have some fun

People Standing Left of Me

And People Standing Right, OW!

April 14, 2012

This Here Giraffe...

This got a bit of paint for the senior show. The coloring is off in this photo, I promise the differences aren't this dramatic.

The piece I got in this years FIT senior show. Haha, the only decent painting I've ever done.