May 17, 2011

I don't normally do this.

But please check out Julia LePetit.

Her work is exquisite! It just makes me so happy...

"Let This One Be a DEVIL!"

The Jersey Devil was born to "Mother Leeds", a supposed whore. Already a mother of 12, Mother Leeds grew weary of childbirth and motherhood. In a passing moment of exasperation and annoyance during her pregnancy, she proclaimed "LET THIS ONE BE A DEVIL!"
When Mother Leeds finally went into labor, nothing out of the ordinary immediately happened. She gave birth to a seemingly healthy and normal baby boy. A few moments passed and the child began making hideous crying noises, and began to rapidly grow and transform into a devil-like creature. It suddenly attacked, killing Mother Leeds and the midwives in attendance . It escaped into a conjoining room and murdered most of the other 12 children. The few children who lived, lived to spread the tale and warning of the Jersey Devil. Legend has it, after destroying most of it's siblings, it tore off into the night and into the pine barrens, where it lives to this day. Take care driving through the Jersey Pine Barrens at night, the Devil loves to play with and torment passing cars.

May 11, 2011

Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera

Today, I made this in my screen printing class.
Today, I became the coolest kid ever.

This is technically the "negative" image.
I designed it to be printed on a black surface, with a white or gold paint.
I'm buying a sleek black dress to print this on, so I can wear it to my last Phantom show before I move!

May 9, 2011

The Cover

Here is the edited version of the cover! Tell me which one you like better!
Thank you Julian Tavormina for the suggestions!

Cover Page

Original text placement

Heres a stab at type. I am a terrible typographer... And I blame that partially on the complete uselessness of my typography class and my lack of compositional ability.

So, here it is my cover!

La Carlotta has Fallen Ill!

“A grand gala was to be held this night as a retirement party for the opera’s managers, Monsieur Debienne and Monsieur Poligny. The celebration would include various operatic renditions company’s boorish diva, La Carlotta. It would also mark the arrival of the new managers, Monsieur Richard and Monsieur Moncharman.

“Good heavens!” Exclaimed M. Debienne as he and M.Poligny briskly walked down the hall. “Welcome to l’Opera Garnier!” He said grabbing each man’s hand enthusiastically. “We are so very glad you are finally here! We cannot wait to show you everything. Shall we begin with-“

Suddenly the greeting was interrupted as flew a man came sprinting towards them.

“My managers, La Caroltta has fallen ill!” the man frantically panted.

Poligny groaned and massaged his temples. “I cannot wait to be rid of this whole damned business!” He growled.

“Come, Come now, everything is fine!” bellowed Debienne, shooting Poligny a dangerous look, “Fetch the understudy!”

The red-faced man nodded and scampered away as quickly as he came.

Debienne turned to M. Moncharmin and M. Richard. “Ah, ha gentleman.” He chortled nervously, “Not a common occurrence, I assure you! Shall we proceed?”
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