May 17, 2011

"Let This One Be a DEVIL!"

The Jersey Devil was born to "Mother Leeds", a supposed whore. Already a mother of 12, Mother Leeds grew weary of childbirth and motherhood. In a passing moment of exasperation and annoyance during her pregnancy, she proclaimed "LET THIS ONE BE A DEVIL!"
When Mother Leeds finally went into labor, nothing out of the ordinary immediately happened. She gave birth to a seemingly healthy and normal baby boy. A few moments passed and the child began making hideous crying noises, and began to rapidly grow and transform into a devil-like creature. It suddenly attacked, killing Mother Leeds and the midwives in attendance . It escaped into a conjoining room and murdered most of the other 12 children. The few children who lived, lived to spread the tale and warning of the Jersey Devil. Legend has it, after destroying most of it's siblings, it tore off into the night and into the pine barrens, where it lives to this day. Take care driving through the Jersey Pine Barrens at night, the Devil loves to play with and torment passing cars.

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FRD said...

this is wicked! creepy story!

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