September 20, 2010


I'm going to attempt to be the Phantom for halloween!

Well... the ALW... version. Which is cool.

It's "hopefully" going to be awesome.

I really want to go full out and make it the most authentic costume I possibly can. This is why I covered my face in alginate, and why there is plaster of paris all over my shoe... it's because I'm dedicated...
I'm making the Phantom prosthetics from scratch, to fit my face, just so its absolutely PERFECT.
I really just need to prove to myself I'm capable of doing this and doing this well.
I want to maybe... one day...mayyybbbeee.... do this for a living.

**There will be a better photo of the sculpture soon. Mac books aren't the greatest when it comes to pictures.**
I will probably end up going more severe and theatrical with the sculpture now that I plan to be doing it in FOAM LATEX or whatever... Keep your eyes peeled for the BETTER version.

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