June 21, 2008

Art Dump 2

I took a quick break to return the mad overdue library books that I had...

So yeah, i'm dumping basically everything I have now, just as a reference for commission work. I'll eventually just post new things in one blog at a time. Like a new project im working on and so on... but for now, i'm purging my hard drive and putting it all up here... XD


Self Portrait! I was really bored one day, and just decided to draw my face. So i sat infront of a mirror... took maybe a half an hour...
XD for some reason, my teacher is in love with it. It has been featured in a lot of art shows...

Charactures of Locke and Hurely from LOST I love it...
They're done in water color... I'd love to do more of these :D!

This guy was a commission for a tattoo design! I love him! I named him Sir Alexander!
The character was born from a friend of a friends dream, and they wanted him tattoo'd onto them! I don't know if they ever got it done... but the loved the design!

My header. This was the first Piece for school I did this year. I love it. It was drawn from a memory I had from last summer. Two of my friends and I, roasting waffles over a campfire.
You only wish you were that awesome. :D
Colored pencils!

This was a birthday card for my dad. He loves LOST soooo... yeah, card!


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