February 27, 2012

Puggy Comps?

Okay, so I physically painted one... and It kinda hate it...
It's also one of those nights when you don't really want to paint anymore... and yeah.
So I threw the one color comp and tried to show what I really intended for this...

Heres the unedited comp. (BLAND BLAND BLAND)

Slightly color corrected to show what I envisioned.

THE WILD CARD. Because I have a feeling the somewhat monochromatic pallet I want to go for won't fly...But whatever. I really want the the Mono-chrome to work.
SO IMA MAKE IT WORK... maybe. But I sort of like the feeling of this one too... hrm...

(back to the drawing...er painting board)

February 26, 2012

Some Weekend Sketches

I few things I did instead of my assignments.

A New Face

New one

The original

I'm happy with the new face! Time for color-comps... FINALLY!

February 22, 2012

Back the Drawing Board

I was asked to back track on my Wonka project and depart from my movie poster teasers. I started to expand upon my first idea. Showing here:

These are just two more sketches based on the first one.

I hope to eventually expand on the teaser posters, but for now I'm going to head back into the collage movie poster realm!

February 15, 2012

February 12, 2012

Phantom 10,000

Trista Moldovan and Hugh Panaro.

This was done mostly as a way to assuage my jealously and contempt for the fact I couldn't attend Phantom of the Opera's 10,000 performance. Due to insufficient funds and poor planning on my part, I had to sit on the sidelines for this occasion. I tried to combat the feelings of devastation by creating this task for myself.

At 2:00pm, the time of the 10,000 performance, I put on my favorite, less than completely legitimate, recording of Phantom... Then I started to paint. Once the recording, and the performance were over... I stopped painting and just left it as It was.
Just a little monument to the 2.5 hour show, the record breaking 2.5 hour show that means so much to me and sooo many others.

...Its also the only way I stayed sane during those 2.5 hours...

February 11, 2012

I Don't Always Draw Pugs

But When I do, I draw them in bustle dresses.

February 9, 2012

The Veruca Problem

I'm not entirely sure if I should show Vercua's face in her poster!
In the other two posters, you cannot see their faces... and I kind of like that.

What do you think, internet?

Some Brainstorm Sketching

A few little concept doodles. This could be fun!
Veruca and Mike are next!