February 27, 2012

Puggy Comps?

Okay, so I physically painted one... and It kinda hate it...
It's also one of those nights when you don't really want to paint anymore... and yeah.
So I threw the one color comp and tried to show what I really intended for this...

Heres the unedited comp. (BLAND BLAND BLAND)

Slightly color corrected to show what I envisioned.

THE WILD CARD. Because I have a feeling the somewhat monochromatic pallet I want to go for won't fly...But whatever. I really want the the Mono-chrome to work.
SO IMA MAKE IT WORK... maybe. But I sort of like the feeling of this one too... hrm...

(back to the drawing...er painting board)

1 comment:

A. Krokus said...

I say go for the second one. "Kinda monochromatic" is where it's at. That stool-nightstand thing just pops too much when it's that orangey brown.

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