February 12, 2012

Phantom 10,000

Trista Moldovan and Hugh Panaro.

This was done mostly as a way to assuage my jealously and contempt for the fact I couldn't attend Phantom of the Opera's 10,000 performance. Due to insufficient funds and poor planning on my part, I had to sit on the sidelines for this occasion. I tried to combat the feelings of devastation by creating this task for myself.

At 2:00pm, the time of the 10,000 performance, I put on my favorite, less than completely legitimate, recording of Phantom... Then I started to paint. Once the recording, and the performance were over... I stopped painting and just left it as It was.
Just a little monument to the 2.5 hour show, the record breaking 2.5 hour show that means so much to me and sooo many others.

...Its also the only way I stayed sane during those 2.5 hours...

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