November 23, 2010

Snow White

Heres a paper Snow White for all of you!

It is an illustration from this scene from the original German tale:

"I suppose you can look," said the old woman, and pulled the poisonous comb out and held it up.
It pleased the girl so well that she let herself be beguiled, and opened the door. When they had made a bargain the old woman said, "Now I will comb you properly for once."
Poor little Snow White had no suspicion, and let the old woman do as she pleased, but hardly had she put the comb in her hair than the poison in it took effect, and the girl fell down senseless."

I'd never heard of poison comb before.

1 comment:

MewTheLynX said...

this is positively beautiful! I can't believe I am saying this, but you should use this medium more often...youre fantastic at it :)