July 12, 2010

The Elephant God

This was somewhat inspired by this Magic Card; Loxodon Hierarch.
The card sorta disturbed/inspired me. I kept calling the figure in the card "The Elephant God", so I decided to do a painting of my own Elephant God.

Yup, okay.

I consider this one a rough, mainly because its done on a SUPER shitty and rough plank of wood. It was hard to refine the painting the way I wanted...
Ah well, I'm going to pick up some smoother boards later today/week and do two portraits of the Elephant Gods on them. One will be an African Elephant and one an Asian Elephant.

In other news, I'm an art teacher! How about that?
I'll be teaching adults how to paint and draw multiple days a week at this snazzy art store; PJ Art Company

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