April 20, 2010

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A silly old piece from last semester.

"A Wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs."

"But one day it found the skin of a sheep that had been flayed and thrown aside, so it put it on over its own pelt and strolled down among the sheep. The Lamb that belonged to the sheep, whose skin the Wolf was wearing, began to follow the Wolf in the Sheep's clothing."

"So, leading the Lamb a little apart, he soon made a meal off her, and for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, and enjoying hearty meals."


Jessica said...

These are gorgeous!

Shari. said...


I don't know how I missed this. But 'a wolf in a sheep's skin' is one of my favorite metaphors.

I really like the sketchy-ink style along with the pale colors, it reminds me of those old-school story books that were just plain beautiful.

also I'm more so on the wolf's side; I'm glad he got something to eat.

Wolf Stealth Tech said...


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