May 18, 2009

Note Worthy Occurrences

Today was the official last day of my first year of college. Good thing too, one more week of this and I probably would've died.
My last day consisted of Willocks Waffles (I couldn't think of a clever way to combine the two.), hobo naps, milkshakes and heartfelt goodbyes. All of that, and one of the worst LIRR experiences, ever. I am so ready to sleep... but before I do, I wanted to share a few little things.

First order of business is Sal/Zach.
When my friend Zach puts on stylish sunglasses he strongly resembles a young Sal Catalano.
Or... at least I think he does...

One of the best days from this year, I believe. Some of the kids from the "new" block and I went to Janis Salek and Karen Santry's art gallery. It turned into an epic trek across the Brooklyn Bridge which concluded in a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. It was a lot of fun. I'm really going to miss these guys over the summer!

Last and certainly not least, the Sausage wall.
This is what FIT students do.
I'm going to miss you guys! Thanks for the great semester!

Okay, off to bed!

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