March 25, 2010

Double Postin'

A project to accompany this poem:

On the pad of my thumb
are whorls. whirls, wheels
in a unique design:
mine alone.
What a treasure to own!My own flesh, my own feelings.
No other, how ever grand or base,
can ever contain the same.
My signature,
thumbing the pages of my time.
My universe key,
my singularity.
Impress, implant,I am my self
of all my atom parts I am the sum.
And out of my blood and my brain
I make my own sun and rain.
Imprint my mark upon the world
what ever I shall become.
- Eve Merriam

Stephen Gardner: The Figure Drawing Saga

It's been an awful long time since I uploaded any work. It's unfortunately been due to an awful art slump. I've only just recently began turning it around... ever so slowly.
Every figure drawing class up until this week has been equally painful to rubbing my face with a hot iron and about a frustrating as nailing jello to a tree.
Though, this week proved to show some promise and fun.
Not to mention our new wonderful professor, Stephen Gardner! What a delightful surprise to find out he was taking over for Dorothy (though I miss Dorothy dearly and wish her my best).

Anyway, the class has been extremely fun and I can already see more strength my drawings. I'm enjoying it, its been unlike any other drawing class I've had.
Anywho here are some of the drawings I've done recently:

Crashinda* is fierce. I enjoy drawing her.
Anyway, I hope things continue to go upward.

With help from good friends and good professors I'm sure I can get through any stupid slumps.

*I think her name is Grashinda or Crashinda... something shinda... shes good.