July 22, 2009

Aborigines and Didgeridoos

For the past week and a half there has been an on going party at my friend Zach's house. There has been a constant flow of amazing people coming to stay and party.
There was one day where we pooled all our money and tried to throw a fantastic and wild party. This was the The Aborigine Party.
The idea was we'd cook food in the ground, cover our bodies in paint, play drums and didgeridoos and dance around a massive bon fire.
It... um... didn't quite turn out like we planned.
Our food didn't cook, we didn't play any instruments and our fire failed.
Aside from that, it was really fun, but it could hardly be called an Aborigine party. We will hopefully be attempting another one soon.
Here are some pictures!

James, our minstrel. This was the best picture taken from the party.

Our food basket. It did not cook at all... We had to use tinfoil and ovens eventually, it was terribly disappointing and un-aborigine like.

Julian Tavormina digging the food pit!

July 5, 2009

4th of July Sketches

There are lot of weird looking people on the beach.
I drew them when I wasn't busy being ravaged by the sun. I only wish I got more drawings done.